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Quality Milk Dairies Ltd

For more than 18 years, We have been directly in touch with more than 200,000 cattle farmers in Western Uganda, collecting raw milk from them and transporting it to aggregators for processing. We have created a ready and stable market for raw milk in this region, collecting averagely 250,000 liters per day.
This has stabilized the incomes of these farmers, but we feel that we can do more. The raw milk value chain inn Uganda is so long, this resulting into low prices for the farmers. For this reason, we have decided to engage into Milk processing, to be the direct link between the farmer and the final consumer.
Every $1,000,000 invested in Quality milk Dairies Ltd directly impacts the life of more than 100,000 cattle farmers, and increases dairy products availability to more than one million consumers, generating more than $8,000,000 in revenue.
Uganda being one of the poorest countries on the continent, every investment made goes directly where it is needed most.

LocationKampala, Uganda
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