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Q` Outfit The new generation is more sensitized to things

Venture Profile Q` Outfit image of Captura De Pantalla A La S Copia

85% of these garments end up in landfill and basurals producing more air and soil pollution. At present, we bought 60% more clothes than 15 years ago, we used it half time and one third of what we have in the closet we have not put it in the last year, when we buy a garment we stopped using it because in the end we did not like it, we were bored, we did not stay in size or it was only used for one occasion, the solution for this issue, at the moment we do not want the garment or we do not use it for x time is published in the online platform that will be in the palm of the user where they will be able to choose which garment they want to use for the week, for an activity etc. the idea is to have control of our closet and be able to choose which garment to use that will cost only 20% of what it is worth when buying it new.

Sectors Clothing and textiles production
Location Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
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