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PsychX Mental wellness is your wealth

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We provide a user friendly and interactive platform to access mental health services through different preferrable approaches: virtually, physically and anonymously. Our services are evidence based, accessible, affordable and convenient. We are keen to bridge the gap which exists with regards to awareness, access and cost of mental health services, potentially responsible for the recent increase in the burden of illnesses. The problem is significant because we are living in a country where 1 in every 7 persons suffers one or more mental health conditions. Further, mismatch between the client and the therapist would exacerbate the problem, which would possibly be contributor to suicide being the 2nd leading cause of death in youths (15 to 24 years). In addition, it is understood that 75% of the mental health conditions have an onset during youth and would progress into adulthood if left unattended.

SectorsHealthcare, Healthcare providers and services, HealthTech
LocationNairobi, Kenya
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