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Prokee import and export merchants Creating wealth through sustainable waste management

Prokee import and export merchants

Prokee import and export merchants

Waste conversion can be of an advantage in the creation of sustainable wealth and improving health hazards thus; we are interested in curbing waste pollution to a very minimal level. For instance, Wood pellets stoves has proven to be more efficient, safe and economical; for cooking.

This brings us to our major Objective to produce wood pellets but this will be done in collaboration with Mimi Moto Stoves to enable the establishment of a pilot plant for the production of wood pellets and the introduction of 200 wood pellets stoves in the Nigerian market (in Lagos State which is the largest economic hub based on research); not neglecting the strict compliance of regulations and policies.

SectorsBiomass, Clean technology, Waste management and recycling
LocationLagos, Nigeria
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