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Project Alexandria Empowering everyone with access to primary education

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We are a nonprofit. Our mission is: Empowering the developing world with access to fundamental knowledge and financial safeguards to help resolve extreme poverty.

How to accomplish this?
Provide a free app that teaches on of the following: Reading, writing, basic calculus, basic health, how to maximize crop yield. Over time, the other topics can be added. In a second step access to, digital financial safeguards (cheap digital saving and borrowing of funds, health and drought insurance) shall be provided.

The basic economics:
A smartphone costs 50 Dollars and can teach 2 People for 3 years, so 50/(2*3)= only 8 Dollars per person and year while school costs like 100-500 Dollars a year. So we are 1000%+ cheaper.

(MIT Solve is not accociated with this project.)

Sectors Educational services
Location Bonn, Germany
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