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PRODUCTOS ALIMENTICIOS ANDES TROPICO Ancestral food for today's generations and the future

The company Andes Tropic makes food products of high nutritional value using native raw material which are grown in a traditionatelly way, it means without chemicals. The crops that we processes are Amaranto Amaranthus caudatus, Cañawa Chenopodium pallidicaule, and Quinoa Chenopodium quinoa. Besides of these Andean crops we use different varieties of Mays, and some dried fruits.

The Andes Tropic- products are made mainly for children, pregnant women and sports people and the aim is to look for alternatives to make the products popular in order to reach undernourishment population.

Andes Tropic was founded by Andre Vontobel (Marketing technical) and Armando Vera (Chemistry) under the concepts of transparency and equitability with the growers.

Since its foundation (1996) Andes Tropic, has followed several steps of growing:

1. Observation and analyses of nutritional situation in Bolivian population.

2. Identification of native products with high nutritional value in th

Sectors Food production
Location Bolivia
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