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Premier You 100% natural personal care and health

Cover image of Premier You, Healthcare venture on VC4A

Premier You

Premier You

The global market for personal care products is worth more than USD 550 Billion per year. Most of these products contain chemicals that are harmful to your body and toxic to the environment. Sales of natural personal care products are growing at 35% per year as consumers wisen up to the dangers of mass-produced chemical-based products.

We developed an extensive range of 100% natural products either infused with CBD or without, packaged in different Brands to cover different LSM profiles. We own the IP of all our products.

Through deep personal relationships, we have direct access to all major retailers of note. The management team has vast experience and a solid understanding of the retail market and being entrepreneurs.

Our products have high margins, and have been market/consumer tested, with many great customer reviews.

We have gained traction through online and network affiliate sales and have listings at national retailers in the pipeline.

Sectors Healthcare, Manufacturing, Natural resource protection
Location Cape Town, South Africa
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