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Post Harvest Pty Ltd Reducing fresh produce waste from Farm to Fork

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One of the largest problems in the world is the Global Food crisis. In the cold supply chain the statistics are alarming;
Up to 45% of all fresh produce is wasted each year, which is roughly 1.3 billion tonnes of food. Overall, this is costing $680 Billion US dollars in fresh produce losses every year.
The largest contributor to this wastage is the over-ripening and mishandling of fresh produce.
Post Harvest has set out to create the most accurate, real-time, cost-effective ripening sensor. Our aim is to Accurately Forecast market readiness, Provide real-time warnings and alerts to change is produce condition and Measure the health of the produce.
We’ve been able to do this by connecting into cool rooms and control environmental conditions such as Ethylene, CO2, Temp and Humidity. The future of our system is in integrating machine learning and AI technologies to create a tech with the ability to redefine industry standards and be adopted as the foremost way to handle fresh produce

Sectors Agribusiness, Agritech, Internet of things (IoT)
Location Pyrmont, Australia
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