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Popote Pay Take control of your finances

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Despite the availability of online and mobile payment applications from Banks, Telcos and financial technology companies (Fintechs) over 90% of payments are still made by cash & cheques. This is because current payment applications do not offer sufficiently compelling features to cause a shift away from traditional payment methods.
Popote Pay is the world’s first application to merge payments, expense accounting and management capabilities in a way that both individuals and businesses can use to go 100% digital on their payments.
Popote pay is bank agnostic, allowing users access to their several bank accounts on one interface. It allows collaboration in the creation and approval of payments and delivers to a wide variety of end points; mobile Nos, paybills, buygoods, local banks accounts instantly. It further handles international bank transfers and is in the process of allowing online and point of sale (POS) payments.

SectorsFinancial services
LocationNairobi City, Kenya
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