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Pop Vegan Food Delicious, inexpensive, high-volume vegan food restaurant in São Paulo

Pop Vegan Food started as a restaurant located in the central area of São Paulo, the largest city in the Southern Hemisphere. In 2019 we expanded our space from 180m2 to 500m2, increasing our serving capacity and starting a small factory of refrigerated products which we now distribute to nearly 100 retailers statewide. In 2020 we also started a pizza delivery operation in Rio de Janeiro.

From the moment we started in 2017, our business has grown more than 10-fold and now serves over 1,200 delicious, state-of-the-art, vegan meals & pizzas & burgers, everyday, at a very affordable price (<US$3/meal). We also manufacture&deliver hundreds of refrigerated products (e.g. frozen pizzas, vegan cheeses, etc.) everyday to customers and retailers. We are proud that over 70% of our customers are not even vegetarian.

We have a 70-employee team that is diverse, LGBTQIA+-inclusive, and offer them health & life insurance, nutritional & psychological advice, & more.

Sectors Food and beverage, Retail
Location São Paulo - State of São Paulo, Brazil
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