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Plug’n’Grow Providing commercial-scale advanced agriculture solutions

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We provide commercial soilless agriculture and intensive aquaculture systems, services, and solutions that are tailored to the Middle Eastern and African region, and are designed for large-scale production while optimizing and minimizing resource use. Our Novelty Farming Systems are multiple times more productive and sustainable than traditional farming, providing quality foods at a competitive cost. They produce 10-50X the output of traditional farming, using at least 85% less water, and no chemical pesticides. We deliver this technology as turn-key solutions with a myriad of after-sale services that can help growers adopt such new methods at an accelerated pace and a larger scale. Our technology is modular, intensive, significantly more cost-efficient than available substitutes, and specifically caters to the region’s geographic and climatic needs. Our after-sale services ensure continuous know-how transfer to growers based on scientifically-rigorous research work.

SectorsAgribusiness, Clean technology
LocationNew Cairo, Egypt
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