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Plazabid Auction marketplace for ventures.


I started working on it 6 months ago, at that time I began to structure the idea, I hired freelance designers and developers to give me feedback. As I was researching and advancing, Carla joined, who is the product manager, with experience in micro credits to SME’s, then we added Jinmy, UX designer and a week later we added Mario, full stack developer, who worked with his team (one backend and one front end) in developing the MVP. Once the MVP is finished, we add Eduardo, who is in charge of making contact with clients.
I know the problem and the solution perfectly because I had restaurants and a clothing brand. I know that sometimes what is projected is not sold and the need for liquidity can break the business. Carla, has a microdegree in project management and worked at a fintech holding company. Jinmy and Mario also worked with Carla on that fintech. Eduardo has worked in a micro finance company and in a telephone technology company.