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Plastic Venture Our company basically focus on recycling plastic into treasure.

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Plastic Venture

Plastic Venture

We basically focus on plastic recycling from openly dumped places like ocean, coastline sea and other places where we collect them or buy from our customers who collect them us and recycled them to a covertile product as brick for houses construction which is more convenient and cheap since it doesn’t require a lot of things as a normal bricks do and also, it allow expansion to take place which mean it’s hard for the house to crack as normal brick.
Half of the market target audience and the people trust our product as more reliable and wonderful to any situation that may occurred.
And we age to serve both the aquatic life and human as we aim to make the water to be clean as we collect plastics regularly which will later reduce openly dumping of plastic to sea and ocean.
And also it’s cheap to buy and we have more experienced members who had be serving in the industry background.

Sectors Environmental services, Hygiene, Waste management and recycling
Location Kigali, Rwanda
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