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Phoenix Nest Shaping the future

Cover image of Phoenix Nest, Adtech venture on VC4A

Phoenix Nest

Phoenix Nest

During my growing days I became fascinated with technology. I fell in love with technology together with my younger brother. In my 300 level, my brother suggested we invested all of our resources into robotics engineering and that we should build an enterprise for robotics system. With eagerness and enthusiasm, we dabbled into robotics thinking it would be an easy task, just to find out it wasn’t.
As it has been established economically, technology plays a major role in determining the economic situation of a region or country. Globally, the trend of technological change is in the direction of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Automation, Nano Technology etc. My brother and I, came up with an idea to make the country, sub Saharan Africa and the continent as a whole to be technologically advanced to a reasonable extent.
The idea is to ensure that all companies and industries are using/have installed robotic systems/human-robotic systems on or before 2030.

SectorsAdtech, Biotechnology and medical research, Fintech, Information technology, Manufacturing, Retail, Retail and wholesale
LocationIbadan, Nigeria
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