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PERFECT CORPORATION BUSINESS SARL We are a SARL governed by the law OHADA (commercial companies)

The products of the aforementioned project are 4-inch nails (101mm), they will be made from steel wire, these yarns will be imported from China. With the machine that interests us, it produces 450 nails per minute: 27000 nails time, 216000 nails per day and 5616000 nails of 101mm. 1kg of nails will cost $1, we $216,000 per month. On average, we sell 50kg of nails per customer on a monthly basis, so 13000 nails per customer, we fidélised thanks to a door-to-door advertisement of our walkers, at least 150 customers, on average 1,950,000 nails the month. We will provide these nails in Lubumbashi and other surrounding cities in other provinces. Currently we buy the nails in Zambia for resale in Lubumbashi to end consumers. Our potential is control of the market and customers, we have contracts with some construction companies. With the machine and the documents we will sell better than before

Sectors Construction and manufacturing
Location Lubumbashi, Congo, Democratic Republic of the
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