Pepperoni Foods Ltd Integrated food service and entertainment company

Pepperoni Foods was registered as a Limited Liability Company in 2005. The company started operations in 2005 and within the past 14 years has added several portfolios of businesses to its operations, thereby positioning itself as a leading brand and market leader.
The company currently has 8 Outlets and production facilities spread across strategic states in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria and a new mega outlet under construction in Lagos. In 2017 Pepperoni Foods opened its latest integrated state of art outlet in Port Harcourt, comprising of a Quick service restaurant (QSR) and an Entertainment Hub with full digital Cinema theatres, marking a new era in its growth phase. Our various product offerings are essential with compelling needs and repetitive daily demand from all the demographic strata. We are a profitable high growth company with strong asset base and debt free. We are currently seeking equity investment of USD 5 million to facilitate our next phase of growth.

Stage Growth stage EST June 2005
Sectors Food production
Location Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Markets Nigeria
Customer model B2C
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