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Paymovil Paving the way to financial inclusion by providing plug and play tech

Cover image of Paymovil, Fintech venture on VC4A

Paymovil’s mission is to allow MSMEs to build sustainable businesses and financial inclusion through the use of digital commerce and payments solutions. Traditionally, MSMEs at BoP lack the technological tools to manage their business and accept digital payments. Therefore, there is no digital footprint or records of their business performance, which leads to informality and exclusion of financial services. We disrupt this negative cycle by providing this market digital product portfolios and financial tools through the use of technology that is affordable, easy to use and fitted to their specific needs. Using these tools, MSMEs are integrated with the supply chain, are able to receive and make digital payments by using an All-in-One SuperApp that will facilitate a strong, sustainable growth and financial inclusion. In Latin America MSMEs represent 90% of businesses and 67% of employment, around 1M potential unserved clients in Colombia and Ecuador that Paymovil is trying to help.

Sectors Fintech
Location Quito, Ecuador
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