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Patasente Inc A digital procurement, payments and factoring platform.

Patasente is a digital procurement, payments, and factoring platform for buyers and sellers to trade on favorable terms. Buyers order goods for pick-up or delivery. Sellers receive orders and get paid in advance or on delivery. As their factor agent, Patasente enables the sellers – as the principals – to get paid early on their credit sales and for buyers to purchase and pay later.

Buyers often fail to get a consistent supply of products on long payment terms. Sellers often fail to fulfill these orders because they run out of money. Banks find them too risky to lend to and they lack platforms that ease contracting. Trade thus fails, enterprises stagnate, and collapse.

To enable them to sustainably trade, each user is offered a Patasente digital account that facilitates ordering, invoicing, credit access, and payment settlement.

SectorsFinancial services
LocationKampala, Uganda
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