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Paraexcel Global Limited Antimicrobial Coating for Fruit, Vegetables, Roots, and Tubers.

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Microbes from the soil, the air, the water, and animal manure can contaminate fruits and vegetables. The high water content and acidity (low PH) promote fungus growth, particularly yeast and mold. While it is still attached to the plant, it can become infected with pathogenic bacteria, resulting in food loss and sickness.

Our product “PHYTORBIT” when applied on fresh produce protect it against contamination because it has powerful antimicrobial properties as shown by the microbiological result of the product analysis.
It is produced using edible raw materials from leaves, seeds, peels and spices. There is no synthetic chemical involved in the production process. It is non toxic and it is easy to apply on produce.
Furthermore, as shown in the analysis result, it contains approximately 25 macro and micronutrients that aid in the fortification of the product to which it is applied.

SectorsAgribusiness, Biotechnology and medical research, Manufacturing
LocationKano, Nigeria
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