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Panalli Beehive products, responsible beekeeping, gender equity

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To achieve sustainable and equitable economies, in Panalli we promote responsible beekeeping, which promotes the well-being of women and their families, the health of bees and the balance of ecosystems.
We offer landscape honeys that have unique flavors for specific blooms and the geographical origin of where they come from. Through transforming and distributing beehive products, we seek to create market opportunities that reduce the gender gap and protect biodiversity.
We provide a training and inclusion platform for women to add value and improve their working and living conditions.
We generate commercial alliances with transformative companies and shops in Mexico. Panalli is a startup founded in 2017 by young women representing the 3rd generation beekeeping family. We believe in a more equal and just society, living in harmony with nature.

SectorsAgribusiness, Educational products
LocationCiudad de México, Mexico
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