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Cover image of PADIMI.CO, Financial services venture on VC4A



Padimi is a social enterprise company trying to bridge the gap in- social inclusion by providing basic social security for the low-income earners of developing countries our core value is to provide easy access to healthcare, micro-insurance, financial literacy, and finance by selling cheap affordable healthcare and insurance package through a subscription-based model charged monthly.

Padimi service is solely unique in that it is very target specific aiming for the bottom of the pyramid. The size of the market alone is over $600 Billion worldwide but the addressable market in Nigeria is Lagos to be precise Is focusing on communities where social security is lacking.
Padimi.Co product provides the much needed social security blanket, in that the purchase of one product provides the user with Health management, micro-insurance cover, and means to get onboarded and included into the financial service system.

The Technology deployed for padimi fall into two categories online a

Sectors Financial services, Healthcare providers and services, Insurance
Location Ogoyo, Nigeria
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