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Packray Delivering Solutions

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My name is Funto, I’m founder at Packray. 
Packray is a location based courier comparison and fulfilment service that serves as a bridge between courier service providers and courier service users.

The issues my friends and I have always had with courier service providers in Lagos is the time limitation tied to using the typical small/medium-scale courier service providers, and also how relatively expensive the on-demand courier service providers are. 
I came up with a solution that gives users an array of on-demand instant courier service options with their respective rates and creates an on-demand platform for courier-services to operate on which increases their visibility in an over-saturated market.

Our solution will be targeted at the instagram vendor or e-commerce retailer who has a bunch of customers and has to make deliveries everyday instantly, affordably and at any time of the day. We help that vendor conquer the limitations of cost and time.

SectorsE-commerce, Logistics
LocationLagos, Nigeria
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