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Ozzone Group Sarl MIZIKO is a streaming and downloading platform for African music.

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Ozzone Group Sarl

Ozzone Group Sarl

Miziko will make more money for African Artists than any other streaming platform. Because, unlike its competitors who only use international bank cards (Visa Card, Mastercard, etc.), MIZIKO will use, in addition to these international bank cards, mobile payment services widely used across Africa and in local and foreign currencies. Less than 1% of the African population uses international bank cards while 60% of the population uses mobile money services. This brings in billions shared between different stakeholders of which African artists are not yet part.
Miziko comes to solve the problems of millions of big and small African artists who were unable to sell their music to their fans on the continent as they do not use PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, etc. However, they make massive use of mobile money. Artists earn 80% of the revenue they generate on Miziko.

SectorsE-commerce, Fintech, Music
LocationKatindo, Congo, Democratic Republic of the
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