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Ozfarm SARL Healthy drinking in a healthy environment

1-Business Objective:
Conquest 2 % market share in 3 years on the market segment of non-alcoholic beverages 2-The problem Low local supply in 100 % pure natural juice and consumer preference Strong dominance of brands of ” mixed-race juice, gas, coloured dilute and very sweet ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ 3-Les rasions hes Amateurism of local producers against multinational companies Lack of competitiveness in volume and quality against high logistical capacity of production and distribution reduced Financial surface against strong financial power 4-Our business opportunity with four solid pillars Increase supply Locally complying with standards Develop creative and guild brands Vendre en omnicanal and social selling Support for home delivery, office, …. 5-Our concept has been proven since 2018 and its change of scale requires furniture needs to raise 1.8 million euro

SectorsAdtech, Food production
LocationYaoundé, Cameroon
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