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Ouroots Africa Ltd As we grow food we can grow anything for daily use


Nakawuki Stella Lukwago is the managing director of Ouroots Africa and a certified lobbyist and advocate .
Development Specialist and sustainable Business Startup Mentor. She has worked and
consulted in Uganda and Tanzania on assignments focused on climate change mitigation,
youth, poverty reduction, women/gender issues and social entrepreneurship. She has also
presented as a climate change best practice speaker at the Open Eyes
Economic Summit.
Wamboga Tonny Micheal is a social Innovator and a social innovation scholar at the social Innovation Academy, he has innovated a number of products and has been part of different start-ups before that some failed and some worked out .He is currently the face of Ouroots Africa and the Lead Link for raw material sourcing and product deliveries.

Semambo Akrams is a social Innovator, a finalist in the Social Impact Awards 2019 .
In Ouroots Africa; Akrams is the Lead Link for production and finances.