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Organiagro de Occidente SAS de CV The New Generation of the Crop Care

Cover image of Organiagro de Occidente SAS de CV, Agrichemicals venture on VC4A

According to the national agricultural survey 2019, in Mexico, 1.5 million hectares of crops were lost in the year, about 60% in the early stages, presenting the main problems that we then expose: 1. Slow Germination and lack of uniformity, each year 1.5 million hectares are lost. 2. Low yields in the final production. 3. Lack of water and use. Therefore, we have developed a nanotechnology solution for the treatment of seeds with nanoparticles of Zinc, generating, 1. 2.-Increase in the income and profits of farmers. 3. Better use of water We have a potential market of 12.5 million hectares of active cultivable crops of the main crops such as corn, beans, sorghum wheat, chilli, red tomato. with a B2B and B2B2B business model, as a traditional market, although you can migrate to digital.

Sectors Agrichemicals
Location Sahuayo de Morelos, Mexico
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