OPEYEMI RAJI POULTRY /FARMING Taglines matter. They set the stage for everything you do as a busines

I started with the problem: there is a growing interest of people to engage in agriculture but they often don’t have time or knowledge to engage. Since I have the time, the willingness to get dirty and i have invested in knowledge over years, then I can make use this to be able to pull resources to expand the farm.

I presented an investment model that does not require investors be involved in the daily operations of the business. Someone can bring a cow to my farm and I will be in charge of managing it, but the owner will pay a monthly upkeep cost. Once the cow starts producing milk, the owner will not need to pay anything since the returns from the sale of milk will cater for that. The profits after that will be shared between the owner and me on a 60/40-% basis.

Despite not being selected among those set to receive seed grant, the response from the panelists was amazing in that, after the elevator pitch I have already been able to secure 4 investors and more are requesting to

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Location Oluawo Soro`s Compound, Nigeria
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