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Oohesy Cleaning services Cleaning, creating safe environment

Oohesy Cleaning Service will offer deep cleaning with technical equipment and chemicals:
– to improve work efficient, so that the business meets the demand of service,
– that will reduce health environmental hazards that causes illness to surrounding people.
The business will offer a specialized cleaning services, that is sofa, carpets and rugs cleaning. It will be targeting about 500 000households in Zimbabwe at $40.00 a set of 4 sofa pieces for people who are not prepared to replace the set or who want to maintain the good appearance of their furniture for a very long time. And 10 000 cooperate buildings with fitted carpets at a minimum charge of $25. We are going to focus on a limited line of cleaning industry thus it will be easier for our clients to spot our services without hesitating our capability to offer the service. Because of that, we will attract clients and our business will be guaranteed a success, with the right skills in place, adequate machines and visibility.

Sectors Clean technology, Hygiene
Location Harare, Zimbabwe
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