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OneHealth Nigeria's Digital-First Online Pharmacy & Healthcare Platform



OneHealth is your digital-first go to platform, that is breaking down the many barriers in accessing quality medicines and healthcare solutions in various forms by providing;

1. cost saving medication for many illnesses,
2. health education and healthcare monitoring,
3. primary and healthcare providers.
4. healthcare funding.

It is doing so through it’s four main channels;

1. Online pharmacy:
2. Tele-Health platform:
3. Crowdfunding platform ( similar to go-fund-me , but for healthcare)-

In addition to healthcare, we are also empowering our community with the necessary tools to make informed health decisions, tools such as; health information (blogs and social media), forum interactions, and health data analytics, for optimal healthcare, that improves overall well-being.

Sectors Healthcare, Healthcare providers and services, Medical equipment and supplies
Location Lagos, Nigeria
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