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Ofrutti Valorising local fruits

Cover image of Ofrutti, Food production venture on VC4A

Ofrutti is a social enterprise who valorises and transforms local fruits in Senegal in order to reduce food waste and create decent jobs.

Every year 65% of the total mango production is lost in Senegal due to local market saturation, the fruit fly and infrastructure shortcomings. Moreover, only 15% of all agricultural products are transformed in Senegal, compared to 90% in European countries.

The drying of fruit is, on the one hand, an efficient way to avoid wastage of agricultural products and, on the other hand, an opportunity to create local sustainable employment.

The food sector has the potential to create decent and permanent jobs for both young people and women. But it also has the potential for on-the-job training of the local population.

Sectors Food production
Location Dakar, Senegal
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