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Offgrid.Finance Finance for a Post-Pollution Future

Cover image of Offgrid.Finance, Agribusiness venture on VC4A

Offgrid.Finance channels capital to growing businesses in emerging markets to make access to decarbonizing low-emission and productive-use technology more affordable.

The Problem We Solve: The growing demand for finance from banks and other lenders is unmet due to the high costs of transaction, small ticket size and excess risk they perceive.

Our Solution: Our Platform is based on three core capabilities to enable debt capital investors to identify decarbonising project opportunities, reach minimum ticket sizes of > $500,000, and fulfil specific risk, return & impact criteria.

Market Opportunity: Offgrid.Finance is focused on Kenya as a sandbox market. Kenya has a cleantech finance demand of over $50m per year from 125 cleantech vendors across eight cleantech verticals. Offgrid.Finance will focus on two beachhead cleantech verticals with standardized loan terms. We will scale to a further 10-12 larger emerging markets in the future.

Sectors Agribusiness, Financial services, Transport and logistics
Location Sevenoaks, United Kingdom
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