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OaKondiments providing healthy nutritious custom blends of food condiments

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OaKondiments is an organic foods processing brand providing healthy nutritious custom blends
of food condiments. We are set to offer consumers organic and locally-grown herbs, chemical
and preservative-free spices.

OaKondiments is committed to deliver high-quality and truly fresh spices, herbs and seasonings to
the growing culinary and organic community, maintaining the unique freshness, flavor and aroma of
our locally-grown, sometimes under-utilized wild spices and vegetables
As a pioneer in the processing of organic herbs and spices in Africa, our innovative technology will
constantly aspire to scale up brand offerings to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our keys to Success include
Preservative-free. Possess no anti-caking agents, additives, preservatives
Organic raw produce will be locally sourced

LocationLagos, Nigeria
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