Actually, i found out that many giant Courier delivery companies like DHL, FEDEX, UPS etc, that are present here in Africa don’t give the population what they need most, they mostly solve their (population) international deliveries e.g from Chicago-USA to Dakar-Senegal, which have put people in a difficult situation in transferring the packages/luggage/goods as their case may be, to their desired destination within the country. I have traveled most countries in West Africa and i experienced the same problems, that was why i decided to set up this courier delivery company to tackle this problem and better people’s life. Currently, we are making deliveries to all the regions in Senegal from the capital city DAKAR. We have our digital platform where we make and record all the transactions made by any of our agent in other regions and also generate tracking codes for more security for each package. Our target is to do the same in other countries in Africa and beyond and also to upgrade