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Nkundabera Jean agribusiness venture Mushrooms for better Health and wealth

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1.low agricultural export:
Referring to, in 2019 report on COMESA(Common Market for East and South Africa),Rwandan financial data vis a vis export And other related statistics is very low comparing to other countries members as it is shown by these examples:
-Rwandan global export 1177million US $ versus Egypt 29169million US$(as the first exporter in COMESA)
-Rwandan GDP at current prices:10122 million US$ versus Egypt with 303175Million US$
2.Poor Livelihoods: Referring to,2019 report on COMESA statistics:
-Rwandan life expectancy at birth is 68.7years versus Tunisia with 76.5years
-Even if Rwanda area is 26340,it’s population is 13million
of people but Tunisia with 163610 has 12 million of people
-the population density of Rwanda is 479.4persons/km versus Libya 3.9persons/km.
Hence, Rwandan people need to improve their health and wealth,and the business need to address the problem through producing and exporting Mushrooms

Sectors Agribusiness, Business services, Construction and manufacturing
Location Rwanda
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