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NjordFrey Provide smallholder farmers with high yield aquaponic solutions.

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Currently ~55% of Rwanda (~6.8m) are below the poverty line & ~70% (majority female) are employed in agriculture (FAO), of which ~2m are smallholder farmers. When farmers try to access higher yield/profitable solutions that can elevate them out of income/food poverty they face:
1) High upfront capital costs.
2) Low/no access to finance (banks require 150% collateral).
3) Falling into a dependency trap with competitors (no agency/ownership).
We offer smallholder farmers comprehensive access to:
• A sustainably designed aquaponic starter-kit (based on globally proven designs) as part of a 2-4 year credit pay-back model, with the cost of the equipment paid back through the high yield production & sales.
• Supply chain for farm/seasonal inputs (seeds/fingerlings/fishfeed). Providing farmers with access to a greater diversity of produce with cost efficiencies.
Based on this comprehensive solution we will become market leader of aquaponics for smallholder farmers across sub S

Sectors Agritech, Food production, Renewable energy
Location Kigali, Rwanda
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