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Nibox Cash-to-digital infrastructure for Africa

Cover image of Nibox, Financial services venture on VC4A

1. Accessibility of financial services
2. Cash dominated market
3. Poverty and illiteracy

Above side-effect is that 60% of the adult population in Nigeria is unbanked and lacks reliable access points or distribution channels for cash-to-digital payments.

An ecosystem of financial products that are cohesively interlinked to allow undeniable / all inclusive access to all Nigerians, while providing them with necessary tools for growth into a fully integrated financial user.

Nibox is a multi-channel payments ecosystem based on a self-service payment terminal called nibox kiosk. Nibox kiosk is the only fully digital solution for cash acquiring that’s present on the market and it allows users to make cash and card payments for over 3000 local services. Either banked or unbanked — customers can keep their financial value securely on the nibox wallet, while making fast p2p transfers, earning cash backs, paying bills, accessing overdrafts and more.

Sectors Financial services
Location Abuja, Nigeria
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