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Ngwala Inventions Limited Enhancing African Agribusiness

Cover image of Ngwala Inventions Limited, Agribusiness venture on VC4A

Ngwala Inventions Limited

Ngwala Inventions Limited

Ngwala Inventions converts organic wastes to Low cost two-in-one organic pesticides and fertilizers without energy consumption using complex natural enzymatic processes, microbes, and green nanotechnology. The product serves as the best and most effective organic pesticide and fertilizer for sustainable farming compared to chemical pesticides and fertilizers. The product is environment friendly supporting human safety, soil fertility, increasing plant and soil capacity to retain water, and conserving biodiversity resulting in human and environment safety, high yields, and climate sequestration. Also designing, manufacturing, operate Ngwala Smart Dispensers used to deliver high-quality organic pesticides and fertilizers to small-holder farmers, on farm, on time, on demand, on pay as you farm, on credit, at the lowest cost and on refilling bases being the substitute of using plastic packages/containers. The System are connected to a mobile app for tracking and allowing mobile payment.

LocationKibaha, Tanzania, United Republic of
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