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New Bukumbi Coffee processors Https//


1. Managing Director: David Baingan.
Presidential personal jet engineer.
An engineer with great vison of empowering the disadvantaged by using the meager resources he accumulates from his monthly hustles. He is the managing Director
2. Sustainability manager: Nooralim Ibrahim.
Passonate business mogul with a big heart but open hands simply to ensure that all humanity acquire basic needs. He is the sustainability manager.
3. Project manager: George Wodenga.
Experienced individual with a great personality who work with great reputable organizations in Uganda Designing and managing projects
4. Laban Gulu
Experienced Agronomist who worked with reputable organizations like Agricado farms uganda Limited
The leading exporters of vegetables to Europe and Asia from Uganda .
He possess a Bachelor degree in plant and animal sciences.
And has enrolled for a master degree in plant breeding and seed system from Makere University in Uganda.
He designs, plans and supervises the pr