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Media industry plays a vital role in championing change in any society. However the present day media have shifted and now those who run media organizations are after money and power. This has led to important stories being bypassed by mainstream media. If these stories are aired/published they would have brought change. With false unchecked the society will be crippled in terms of development. Citizens/voters may not be able to make decision on which leader to elect; many problems affecting the marginalized may not be addressed. Furthermore, unemployment is growing steadily especially in developing world, we have many graduates yet with no jobs, this forces them to engage in criminal activities to make both ends meet.
Nellymedia will be determined in ensuring that these important news stories bypassed by mainstream media are comprehensively covered. And by doing so, we shall have a changed society where the authorities will be kept a breast of the resources, problems the

Stage Unknown EST June 2016
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