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Neighbourhood Farm We grow food, minds and communities.

Our mission is to promote sustainable, ethical and healthy food to communities, regardless of socio-economic circumstances or background. More specifically, we aim to close the food security loop through an integrated approach that supports: a) localised, nutrient-rich food production and distribution in an environmentally responsible way; b) the creation of sustainable economic opportunities to disadvantaged communities to improve household income; c) skills development and knowledge awareness that empowers people to improve quality and productivity alongside environmental sustainability; and d) a growing network of urban markets and gardens, as identified by the local communities. We have been successful in this mission by establishing 3 sustainable market gardens which employ 19 previously unemployed individuals who provide nutrient-rich food to underserved communities. We have been approached by at least 5 parties wishing us to replicate these market gardens at their sites.

Sectors Crop farming, Retail, Wholesale
Location South Africa
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