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Nderemo Company LTD From Local to Royal

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Nderemo Company LTD

Nderemo Company LTD

Remmo App is a Mobile Application Which brings solution on Challenges facing Ceremonial Industry ( Weddings, SendOff, Birthday , e.t.c ). Among those Challenges Solved are;
-Lower Cost of SoftCopy Printing, distribution and Validation of Invitation Cards.
-Management of Pledges and Contribution data.
-A meeting point between Vendors (Photographers, Halls, Catering Services, Cakes etc.) with Customers.

How we make Money.
1. Selling eCards. We have 3 Packages ( ROYAL, GOLD & SILVER ) with different prices.Customers pays direct to the App through MNO’S, he/she chooses a package and number of cards then pays to get access of sending those Cards.
2. Pledge Withdrawal Commission. After creating a Pledge, generates unique control number(Account) where people send their contributions direct to the client’s account. Once a client withdraw Contributions Small Commission deducted.
3. Premium Vendors subscript

SectorsEvents, Smart city solutions, Software as a Service
LocationDar es Salaam, Tanzania, United Republic of
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