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Ndayeni Holdings It's about Crop production with an idea of opening a backpackers

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It’s a food production business targeting poverty striken countries( previously disadvantaged countries) with the aim to create job opportunities for youth and dysfunctional families where some homes are headed by elder siblings that are playing a parental role to their siblings.
I will ensure that the prices of our products are affordable to everyone in the community as 90% of the citizens are dependent on Social grants.
This project willalso ensure that the local farmers are also benefiting from this project as I will be buying their products as I am prepared to open backpackers and packaging the products for other businesses like Shoprite, U-Save,Spar, Pick n’Pay, Checkers, Woolworths etc.
Providing the schoolsame, hospitals,prisons oldo age homes and orphanage.

Sectors Food production
Location Kentani, South Africa
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