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Natoure Healing Nature while traveling #travel2conserve

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Natoure is the first sustainable tourism platform focused on the conservation of natural areas and the inclusion of indigenous peoples in Latin America, where travel is the best pretext.

But why is the issue of conservation important? A third part of Climate Change derives from the loss of biodiversity. Latin America, despite being the most megadiverse and pluricultural region in the world, is the most overexploited in nature, the most unequal between rich and poor.

Moreover, despite the fact that in Mexico tourism is an engine of the economy, more than 80% of the money generated by tourism comes out to foreign companies, 78% of the tourists are concentrated in only 5 destinations generating control and severe environmental impacts, in addition the local organizations receive only 7% of what the travelers pay.

That’s why we decided to merge our love for nature, for helping others and passion for traveling, to make change. We’re Natoure.

SectorsEnvironmental services, Tourism
LocationCiudad de México, Mexico
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