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Mzobanzi Recycling Time Commitment Solidarity.

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I am Thulani, An emerging wastrepreneur with a vision of Zero Waste To Landfills in South Africa.

Our goal is to transform the South Africa resource recovery landscape by reducing landfill by maximising the amount of mixed recyclables that are actually collected; in doing so also increasing the value of resource recovery and encouraging recycling habits and practices, both domestically and commercially; creating new products from waste, also supporting the circular economy.

At Mzobanzi Glass Recycling we passionate about the concept of reduce / repurpose / recycle / up-cycle and waste education.

Our current premises is basement in Marshalltown.  We recycle glass, plastic, aluminium & steel cans, paper, box, metal.  We use dolly trolleys to collect the materials, bring them on site for sorting and transport to relevant buy back centres.

Our biggest income stream is glass. We process nearly 10 tonnes a month by hand which includes crushing it and the loading

SectorsRenewable energy, Waste management and recycling
LocationJohannesburg, South Africa
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