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MYPS – Microbios y Parásitos Dissemination and scientific learning for children and young people.

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MYPS – Microbios y Parásitos

MYPS – Microbios y Parásitos

We are a social enterprise with the goal of democratizing and decentralizing access to a scientific education so that children and young people generate a positive impact in their communities. We design and facilitate virtual (synchronous and asynchronous) and/or in-person learning experiences as well as training and support programs for schools and companies to develop scientific skills based on our own educational methodology that combines science, play and art, and in this way we finance social programs aimed at communities in a situation of vulnerability.

We accompany these experiences with the use of dolls of bacteria, viruses, parasites made by mothers and parents of the beneficiary community in Huaycan, Lima, Peru, who receive an economic income for their work. The design of the dolls is MYPS itself, and we are developing other educational products such as stories, scientific Kits and the online learning platform

SectorsEdTech, Educational products, Educational services
LocationLos Olivos, Peru
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