Musée du Kivu Reviving the history of kivu

The vast majority of the population of this generation has forgotten the history of their culture, by far the true meaning of history. Yet knowing its history is so important, because it is said that no one is supposed to ignore its history. It is in this sense that the Kivu Museum (Muki in sigle) is trying to resolve this scourge by meting out to all, rare works emerging from the history of the different cultures of the DRC in general more particularly in Kivu. In addition, children as old, literate and illiterate need to relive the history not only of its culture, but also of the great personalities who have marked the history of this country.
The Muki remains the only museum in the east of the DRC, with experienced staff, Province with a multiculturalism, located in the tourist city of the DRC, with a quality service and an affordable price, etc. Investing in Muki is about the history of our country. Thank you in advance.

SectorsArts, Diversified services, Educational services
LocationGoma, Congo, Democratic Republic of the
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