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MotoPack Rent to Own motorcycle fintech for women gig workers

Cover image of MotoPack, Financial services venture on VC4A

MotoPack is a for profit / for impact venture that rents and finances motorcycles for women gig workers with no credit history.

Delivery workers make on average COP $700k / month with a bike, BUT if they have a motorcycle, they can make COP $2m. That’s 3x!! But 98% of the 200,000* gig workers in Colombia don’t have access to credit. Hence, it’s a vicious circle.

Solution / Vision
We aim to break poverty cycles by giving gig workers in LATAM access to motorcycles so they can triple their income, build credit history from scratch, and provide them with study while working programs to help them jump to better careers / wages.

MVP and growth
• The MVP during Q1+Q2 of 2022 with 20+ motorcycles allowed us to prove our business model. We want to focus on women because of risk and impact.
• We recently closed a large partnership with Honda Colombia. They will supply us with low cost, high quality motorcycles, designed for women.
• Now we are ready for the growth st

Sectors Financial services, Logistics, Personal transport
Location Colombia
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