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Moh Buy A B2B system built for businesses to own and manage their shop online

Cover image of Moh Buy, E-commerce venture on VC4A

Moh Buy

Moh Buy

In Nigeria, small and medium businesses (SMBs) face limited access to customers, high operational costs, and fierce competition from larger businesses. Many of these entrepreneurs lack the resources, technical expertise, and funds to take their products online and reach a wider audience. This leaves them feeling frustrated, stuck, and unable to grow their businesses to their full potential, and this has led to a decline in their growth and success.

However, we saw an opportunity to solve these problems and help SMBs thrive in the digital age. We identified the need for a solution that would allow business owners to reach a wider audience, reduce operational costs, own their cost-free online e-commerce store, accounting system, and improve their competitiveness all in one place.

This led to the birth of MohBuy, a B2B Marketplace built specifically for SMBs, Our platform has already shown significant growth and revenue, making it a perfect early-stage investment opportunity.

Sectors E-commerce, Retail and wholesale, Wholesale
Location Abuja, Nigeria
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