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Mobihealth International

Mobihealth International

Healthcare systems in many African countries are broken largely due to poor governance,
infrastructure neglect, lack of professional expertise, and underfunding. The inequality in access to
care between the rich and the poor has been widened by the COVID19 pandemic.

Africa’s 1.3 billion people bears 25% of the global burden of diseases but is serviced by only 2% of
the world doctors. This is compounded by the mass exodus of medical professionals from the
continent with 50-70% of those who trained in Africa, leaving the continent yearly for western
countries. Those left prefer urban areas leaving the rural areas, where
>70% of the population reside, in dire shortage and consequent high mortality rates.

Mobihealth’s integrated telehealth platform is a game changer that addresses multiple pain points
and will help Africa leapfrog her healthcare challenges. We leverage technology to harness global human and material capital to make affordable, quality healthcare a reality

SectorsHealthcare providers and services
LocationAbuja, Nigeria
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