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MOAF Consulting African Student Recruitment with Artificial Intelligence

Cover image of MOAF Consulting, Consulting and business development venture on VC4A

Our primary focus is student recruitment from Nigeria and we are looking to expand into other African markets while taking on Africa’s student recruitment challenges with the use of Artificial Intelligence. Our AI-driven web-based student recruitment platform will be the first of its kind in Africa. It bridges the information and knowledge gap by providing students the opportunity to review pertinent information in one fell swoop. It will effectively connect students with foreign institutions, while decentralizing the process. Major competitor is Applyboard with strong funding support and focused on Asian students. Competitive edge: We are Africans with industry knowledge and expertise. With a marketing plan that is 70% word of mouth referrals and a team of 4, we consistently grow in profits. Estimated annual revenue are $4.8M, $5.4M, $5.9M, $6.5M, $7.2M for the next 5 years with a model that generates revenue from consulting, professional & visa fees. Raising $1M at $4.8M valuat

SectorsConsulting and business development, Educational services, Software as a Service
LocationIkeja, Nigeria
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